How to Style Up your Joggers with Boots

Love your joggers. Love your boots. Well than this is the fashion trend for you. Who would have thought that you could wear your favorite slouch joggers with your sassy boots or heels, but it works!

When Kim Kardashian West first stepped out in her sweatpants and donning a pair of stiletto's, the fashion world was split. But since that time, the joggers and boots craze has actually taken off big time. It is now a top trending look that not only the Kardashian Klan are pulling off. For starters, the younger, and more popular (if instagram followers is anything to go by) Jenner sisters are on board, as well as a whole host of other stars and fashion influencers. It seems this time KKW picked a winning combination. 

Don't fret because the type of joggers does not seem to be a factor. We are seeing pinched hem cotton joggers, button up nylon, baggy ripped drawstring, or fashion-forward designs with zipped embellishments or oversized pockets all being worn with boots or heels. And the end result is sassy and stylish. 

So girl, do YOU want to get on board with this trend too? Hell YES!, we have some easy steps to get you there :) 

First.. don't be worried to try something new. This is probably not a combination you have ever thought to wear together before so will feel a little unusal but use your girlfriends and have them come over to give you feedback. Take a peek at the outfits below or scroll through a few fashion influencers feeds to see how they are wearing theirs and follow their lead. 

Secondly... keep the overall outfit relatively simple. Joggers are a casual item of clothing so let the boots or heels you pair them with do all the talking. For sure, compliment the look with accessories such as a clutch bag or gorgeous earrings but don't pile it all on. Leather jackets work well with basically ANYTHING so while you are testing out this new trend have an old faithful that you know will work and look amazing. Build up to more daring versions of this trend. 

Thirdly... have fun. Fashion should be fun and an expression of your personality, The easier you “throw together” your look, the more it shows off your fashion sense. When you don't think too much about it, you often come up with your best outfits. If you have a signature style, don't lose that by trying to follow the latest fashions. Incorporate it. If you are a fedora loving fashionista, wear your fedora and own your look. 

Take a peek below if you are still not convinced. 

We have feature some favorite joggers and boots looks and how you can to copy them with items from our store. We hope they give you some style inspiration. AND if you purchase anything from our store, Post A Selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits to win your cash back, or spend it again on another new item. 
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