How to Style your casual Denim Jacket

Yes, yes the denim jacket can be somewhat of a dated item in your wardrobe. But, we are here to show you that they can make stylish sassy outfits with almost no effort. The really awesome thing about a denim jacket is that you can pair it with pretty much everything you own and create an awesome look. 

Denim jackets are so versatile that you can't really run out of ideas on how to style them. However, we have put together a handy little list of outfit suggestions that we swear by. And once you try out our trendy tips, you will love your denim jacket as much as we do. 

Style Tip #1. Double Denim 
The double denim option has been around since time began, and it has proved it can last the course — even with the heaps of ridicule that it came up against. Now-a-days, it is adored by supermodels and top fashion influencers, that is why it tops our list on how to style your casual denim jacket. Switch up the color combinations. Black and white denim looks awesome together, as well as the more traditional all stonewash look. 

Style Tip #2. Made for Crop Tops
Denim jackets first became popular way back when crop tops were popular too. Well guess what? The crop top has made a comeback aswell. Hurrah!!! Because the pairing of crop top and denim jacket seems to be a match made in heaven. 

Style Tip #3. Classic Tee & Sunnies 
The boys think they have this look all wrapped up. But, as always, us girls have taken a look and elevated it to new levels. Move over James Dean cause we look hotter!!! Just add red lipstick and voluptuous curly hair! We love the rock chic style that you get from opting for a cropped sleeveless tee. It's an added benefit that this ensemble is a wee bit cooler that your classic white tshirt in summer. No-one wants to be too hot? (and not the sexy hot we mentioned earlier, sweaty eerggg).

Style Tip #4. Jumpsuits 
Jumpsuits, like denim jackets have also been around since retro times, so it is no wonder that they work so well together. Whether you prefer heels or flats, jumpsuits will look awesome with a denim jacket. They work for both casual day time events or evening party nights. Cropped jackets, especially, look great with jumpsuits. 

Style Tip #5. Denim loves Leather
Leather bottoms can often be hard to pair with other items in your wardrobe, but not a denim jacket. Sexy pencil skirts, high waisted pants or the ultimate leather mini skirt all look awesome with denim. Add a simple white top to tie the outfit together. The white element is the key to accomplishing this look with style and sophistication. 

Style Tip #6. Maxi Dresses & Converse
We saved our best fashion tip for last. Maxi dresses, in any style or fabric, look so fashionable with a denim jacket and converse shoes. This sassy look grew in popularity last summer and is already a strong look this year, being worn through Spring. Almost all of the top fashion influencers and celebrity style icons have been seen wearing this combination in one way or another. It's comfy, appropriate for all season and very stylish. 

We hope that the tips above have inspired you to look at the denim jacket in a new light. Check out some of our favorite denim jacket outfits below and ways you can copy them. AND if you purchase anything from our store, Post A Selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits to win your cash back, or spend it again on another new item. 
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