How to Style your Denim Skirt

A denim skirt should be a wardrobe staple… if you haven't invested in this versatile little number — WHY NOT?!!? Take a look at how awesome they are and how to style your denim skirt to look fabulous every time. 

Denim skirts have endured every trend and decade since they first came onto the fashion scene, so you don't fear — they will never go out of date. The key with a denim skirt is to know how to style it. This is such a versatile item that you really can work it into whichever style you follow. And, if you do not have a set style? Then ever better, as there are hundreds of fashionable ways to wear your denim skirt. We have listed some of our favorites below to give you a little outfit inspiration. 

First thing's first though, denim skirts come in a huge range of designs. There are button ups, mini's & maxi's and gorgous bleached summer colors. Obviously, you cannot go wrong with the traditional blue denim mini skirt but take a look at what else is on offer. You will be surprised at the amount of choices there are out there. I am personally obsessed with my patchwork midi length denim skirt. 

The classic (and forever fashionable) top style is a simple one. Denim skirts and plain white tees were meant to be worn together. It is a fresh, clean, summer look that never fails to look good. White tshirt also come in a multitude of designs so you can play around with this outfit. Sleeve tanks, pocket features, and slogan tees are all good options to wear with your denim skirt. 

As we always say, bodysuits are the unsung hero's of the fashion world. They work with anything! And denim skirts are no acception. You can choose a bodysuit that best suits your personality and just slip a denim skirt over the top. There figure hugging shape means that the denim skirt is really forced to take centre stage and paired with the right footwear can make you take centre stage at your next summer social. 

Denim skirts were first introduced to mainstream fashion back in the 1970's so it makes sense that one of the best ways to style it is with a traditional 70's vibe. Think retro. Bell sleeves, high necks, and loose material tops. Headbands, dramatic eye make up and embellished jewelry. Oranges, browns, reds and striped patterns. And if you really want to polish off the look… platform boots! 

Denim skirts has the familiar vibe as your trusty jeans, but cuter! So the perfect way to style them is to go casual. Crop top, colorful vests, sports tops, and singlets will also look great with pumps or sandals. You can then style up these wirh bangles, bracelets, boho ring sets or ankle charms. Perfect for any sunny day out with family, friends, or a special someone in your life. 

Have a scroll through some our favorite outfits below and how you can copy them. We hope they bring you some style inspiration. 

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