How to Wear a Slip Dress this Summer

Slip dresses are not only for the bedroom anymore. The sleek nightgown had a major moment last year when every big name in fashion from the Hadid sisters to Alexa Chung was wearing one. They didn't even disappear over the winter months as many fashionistas layered up and continued to wear their slips over sweaters, or with jeans.

Are you now ready to jump on board with this trend but do not have a clue where to start? Or are you looking for some new and funky outfit ideas for this season? Well, we have put together some helpful tips on How To Wear a Slip Dress this summer that will have you reaching into your wardrobes and creating fabulous outfits. 

No.1 Be Brave 
As the satin slip dress has now become a staple of many women's wardrobes, it is now time to be brave and step out in your slip dress and little else. A belted floor length slip will give more of a feminine shape by allowing you to pull in the loose waist line. Chokers can add style, but also break up the exposed neck and plunging neckline. Or have you thought about a satchel shoulder bag to help keep a big bosom under control. Accessories like these are great for styling out your slip dress to best suit you frame, figure and fashion sense. 

No.2 Layering 
If you are not quite at the “almost naked look" stage, then use some simple items to layer under your slip dress. The satin slip should still be the star of the show so avoid layering over. However. a plain cropped t-shirt is a great option. or even a classic 80's boob tube if you like that kind of top. A button up shirt can also look super stylish with a classy satin slip dress. And if you prefer the preppy look then opt for a Bretton long sleeved top. 

No.3. Tie Up 
If you are anything like us, you might not be overly comfortable with the clingy satin material outlining your derrier, If this is you too, we suggestgooing for a casual laid back look and a little cover up by tying a long sleeved top around your waist. Plaid shirts can add a little color and look awesome. Then just add some sneakers and you have an instant trendy street look. 

No.4. Footwear
Talking of sneakers, we have found that slip dresses have an added benefit of being able to be worn with all types of footwear! Hurrah! If you are looking for an unbelievable chic cocktail outfit, opt for a mini satin slip and thigh boots. Are you looking for something a little more classic? We suggest a mid-calf slip and seductive stilettos. Or stick your sneakers on and a denim jacket for a sassy street style. 

No.5. Fedora that Slip
One thing that we have noticed over the past year is that a Fedora is the ultimate slip dress accessory. We have found from grunge to boho, no matter the genre of fashion, if you want to look super fly in your slip dress than just add a Fedora. Choose to match the two items colors for a classic classy look or mix it up to sway more into the realms of hipster swag. Whichever way you spin it, the Slip Dress and Fedora are a match made in Fashion heaven. 

Scroll through the images below to see some our favorite slip dress outfits. We hope they inspire you. 

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