How To Wear A Tracksuit Like The A-Listers This Season

Tracksuits Are Back in a Major Way

It is true, tracksuits are back. 


Wearing a tracksuit was a real fashion statement in the 2000’s but then their popularity dwindled so much that wearing one in public was considered a fashion faux pas. They often popped up on the What Not to Wear Blogs. We all forgot about the versatility such an item of clothing could offer. 


Thankfully our much-loved celebs have brought this comfortable and stylish clothing back into the fashion limelight with a bang. Tracksuits are no longer our guilty pleasures — only to be worn in the safety of our own homes and away from prying eyes. We can wear them with confidence out and about. 


There is such a huge variety of tracksuits available. From dark colors to pastel and neons. Soft and fluffy materials to satin shine. Full leg and shorts. Zip fronts, hooded or sleeveless. The trick is finding your own unique style but the beauty about tracksuits is that you can play around with them and what you accessorize them with. 


Below we have taken inspiration from our favorite famous fashionista and how they wear their tracksuits. Get their trendy tracksuit look from Zefinka. 



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