How to Wear Drop-Crotch Pants — Top 4 Styling Tips

Thes new, funky «too cool for school» pieces of clothing are more than just slouch pants. Although born from the cotton trackie slouch-wear, they have been transformed into a wardrobe MUST HAVE with tailored cuts and good quality fabrics. We are even seeing denim slouch pants hit our high streets and when worn the right way can be so trendy. 


The slouch pant has grown so much in popularity recently that we are now seeing them regularly displayed on the catwalks of our fashion shows.  Our favorite celeb fashionistas have been wearing their with pride about town and bringing their own unique fashion style to each ensemble. 


We have been watching the latest chillax trend and have started to understand that to wear these with some serious street savvy cred you need to follow 3 simple rules. AND, because we love our Zefinka readers so much, we want to share these secrets with you so you can also walk out in style. 


Steer Clear of Being Too Chillaxed! 

Although the idea of the slouch pant is to give off the casual, relaxed and effortless look — don't take it to far and end up looking like a slob. You need to think about what you are going to pair these with both top and bottom (feet) so that you stay on trend and not head towards tatty. 


Wear Tailored Designs 

Slouch pants that have a more tailored cut work better to accentuate the parts of your figure that are available to the eye. They tend to sit well on your frame and counter-balance the saggy crotch area. Play around with the lengths to see which suits your legs, or the look you are going for. 


Let Your Fabric Do the Talking 

These pants now come in a huge range of great materials. The options are endless and selecting the right fabric is crucial for pulling this look off. We have recently seen Tweeds, Flannel, Corduroy and Chiffon being worn with utter class and sophistication.


And finally, always check the Rear View! 

Lastly, but probably most importantly, always check your rear view mirror. You could look like the trendiest fashionista from the front, but if you look like saggypuss from droppybottom from the back then you are trouble. And believe us, it can happen — even the usually impeccably chic trendsetters have fallen foul of this fashion faux.


Below are some of the drop crotch pant outfits that we have spotted and loved. Copy these and you will be wearing them in style. 


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