How to Wear Maxi Dresses all Winter Long

Maxi dresses aren't just for summer soiree's. Oh, no my fabulous readers, they are just as chic in the colder months (maybe more so).  The secret is to layer up, and under. Be unique, and do not be afraid the first time you walk out in something a bit different because we promise you -  it looks utterly stylish!

We have listed 5 top outfit ideas to inspire you the next time you stare lovingly at your go-to summertime maxi dress that is no longer seeing the light of the day. So, here's how to wear your maxi dress all winter long. 

Vest Tops and Belts.
Whatever your style of vestwear, they all look great over a maxi dress. To polish the look off, wrap it all together with a belt. Animal print, faux fur and knitted vest tops have the added advantage of being warmer, but if you just want to style up a maxi for the slightly cooler evenings, then a plain block or plaid pattern and thin belt does the job. 

Invest in Bretton top. 
Bretton tops are snug and warm. Not only will you look good, the cold winter months are no problem. Brettons are typical striped and work really well with one color maxi dresses. Experiment with all your dresses as you may find that contrasting patterns are stylish. These tops are also great if you like the preppy style or European look.

Sling on you Chunky Sweaters.
We all totally love being wrapped up in our favorite chunky knitwear. It's a hug disguised as a sweater, after all — right? Well, thank the world for maxi dresses. They style up your favorite go-to sweater. This means you can wear them out and about, rather than just curled up on the sofa. Hurrah!!

Layering Up.
When it comes to winter there is one rule that each and every designer, fashionista and influencer can agree on — layering is a style winner! For your summertime maxi dress, the layering occurs both under and over. Wearing a tshirt, button up shirt, long sleeved top or bralette (hell yes, sexy!) under your maxi is awesome. If you are still not warm enough, start layering on top — blazers, cardigans, pullovers. The amount of outfits you can create is why we love layering so much. 

Never forget the Bootie Power
It's Winter, and it is boot season! Every year the boot makes an almighty come back, and often takes center stage of the ensemble. Leather boots and jackets. Bold colors. Thigh highs. Lambs wool lining. OMG! We love all shapes and sizes when it comes to boots. Not only do they look powerful, they will undoubtly keep you warm this winter. Hot Tip: Split Leg Maxi and Thigh Highs! 

Check out some of our favorites outfit from around the world so you can copy them and wear your maxi dress all winter long. AND if you purchase anything in store — post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back
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