How to wear Print on Print with Style

OK, so we know that mixing your prints is not a new trend but it is a hard trend to get right. Have you mastered it yet? Even if you have, we hope today outfit ideas will give you some outfit inspiration. 

We want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and welcome clashing prints this summer. When you do, and you do it right, it is a sure-fire way to stamp your savvy fashion prowess within your social circle. So don't be daunted by the prospect of mixing your prints — it's actually quite difficult to get horrifically wrong, as the general rule in this crazy craze is that anything goes! 

However, if you are still finding your eyes just cannot adjust to too many unconventional patterns being paired together then opt for stand out block colors and prints instead of print on print ensembles. It borders on the typical 60's & 70's retro style and still looks absolutely fabulous. 

Summer is definitely the best time to try out new geometric patterns, bright florals, neon colors and variations on military camouflage. And, once you have mastered the print-on-print trend over the next few months you will be ready for autumn's and winter's layering version of the print on print fashion. Win Win! 

So, what are the basic rules to follow to pull off the print on print style every time.... 

Stripes are Easy. If you are new to the mismatching pattern game, ease yourself in with stripes. Stripes are versatile and can work equally with Argyll, Gingham, Paisley, Floral and other stripes — think Chevron and Vertical. 

Argyle Gingham Paisley
                         Argyll                                                              Gingham                                                         Paisley

Animal Prints are Stylish. So basically, here is the secret to all your print-on-print patterns… Animal prints are super stylish and will be your saviour. Leopard print, snakeskin, tiger and zebra all rock in the world of fashion. Go all out! Mismatch animal prints and walk on the wild side of this trend. 

Floral is Summer. OK, so this might look super weird to begin with but floral on floral works! It is super sassy, super summery and super on trend. If you are struggling to wear a summer garden though, throw on a simple neutral t-shirt or crop to mellow out the overall look a little. 

Paisley is Retro. If you are a bit of a 70's child at heart or like the bohemian style then paisley is a pattern for you. Centred around the teardrop motif, paisley patterns come in dated colors and plenty of them. The distinctive, swirly pattern has a long history with the fashion world and continues into modern day streetwear.

Have Fun! Most important of all is to have fun with your fashion!!! Enjoy experimenting and wear what you love. Turn to the fashion influencers, magazines and bloggers for inspiration — just like us at Zefinka! Scroll through the images below to see some our favorite print on print outfits. We hope they inspire you. 

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