How to Wear Shorts in a Stylish Way

Want to know how to look chic and stay cool all summer long? It's actually pretty simple. Firstly, ensure you have a strong selection of shorts in your summer wardrobe (and we have great shorts that won't break your back balance) and secondly. pair them perfectly. Here's how!! 

Of course, denim cut offs are still the king of the summer shorts and we encourage you to have at least one pair in your summer wardrobe. But, there are plenty of other chic short styles that will boost your fashion credibiity. The key to wearing any type of shorts is what you wear with them. You can look fashion-forward in any style as long as you think about the whole ensemble. 

One of the top trends, that is certainly a hit with many of the top fashion influencers, is to pair your shorts with a button down and a blazer. It turns your casual summer shorts into a chic and classy outfit. Now this look will not work with all styles of shorts. It is a grea option for almost all denim cut offs — but they should be short shorts and not knee lengths. If you prefer knee length, than you should opt for a tailor cotton pair and avoid anything loose and baggy. Pair up your button down with fabulously fresh and bright accessories for an extremely stylish summery look. 

Patterned, floral and boho prints should be paired with something a little less bold. As it is summer, crisp white will always be a winner but you can choose other gorgeous colors as long as you do not have clashing patterns. When there is too much going with such a short amount of fabric is can be quite offensive on the eye. The same applies if you have shorts with heavy embellishments. Let the shorts stand out and keep the rest of the outfit simple. 

Grab your self a Kimono. Kimono and shorts are a perfect style pairing! They were made to be worn together. Not only do they look great in pretty much any social occasion, the Kimono takes your day look to an evening one. And, it gives you an extra layer of warmth for when the sun goes down. Kimono's come in all sort of different lengths, colors and patterns so there are plenty to choose from. We have a great selection in store and offer free delivery. 

Bodysuits and shorts work harmonious together. No matter which style of shorts your like the most, there will be bodysuit that you can pair with it. You do not need to worry about ruffling under your shorts or material becoming untucked and looking scruffy. As the weather starts to heat up I live in my bodysuits and shorts, they are so easy to wear and so effortless to put together. 

Below are some outfits that we think you will love and some of our shorts collection. We hope they give you some style inspiration.
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