How To Wear Skirts For Office : 10+ Trendy Looks

One of the best formal wears for women are skirts paired with a variety of different tops that you can choose from. The overall look is supposed to be formal which brings us to a variety of options and how to pair them in the right way with skirts.


First of all the shirt is selected according to the style of the skirt. If you are wearing a short skirt with some flair then you can opt for a nice short shirt which can be tucked in. your shirt should be a buttoned down shirt because these type of shirts give a formal look. Printed skirts are mostly avoided in offices but if you want to wear a printed skirt then wear a plain shirt on top of it. The get up for an office is supposed to be very formal and it must not be very bright and attractive although it must be neat and decent.


Check skirts can also be worn to offices and with them you can opt for a plain buttoned down shirt with a little bounce at the shoulders and three quarter sleeves. A very traditional but elegant look is of the ruffled blouses. You can wear a ruffled blouse and stun people while still remaining in the circle of the formal office look. Ruffled blouses have laces and flair attached to them and they look very elegant when worn with skirts.


With skirts which are slightly below the knee you can wear a shirt which has a boat shaped neck. These shirts look very classy and formal at the same time. The shirt should be tucked in and you can always wear a belt on your waist to make it look more formal.


Amongst many various options we have the option of wearing a dress shirt with a skirt and a matching tie to complement the dress. This look is a complete formal package and when worn with wedges or high heel shoes you will look amazing.


To wear a short coat or a jacket on top of a shirt, when paired with a skirt also look very classy. You can wear a plain coat on top of a dress shirt and flaunt a very decent formal look.


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