How to Wear Summer's Best Skirts

The debate about what length skirts are in fashion and what to wear them with is an old one but every season the answer to these questions keeps changing. The trend of skirts changes according to the season and the region you live in. In the west for example the trend of shorts skirts never fades out. The girls enjoy wearing short length skirts to beat the summer heat. Short skirts also known as miniskirts are a common trend in high school girls who love to walk around with bare legs.


In the eastern region where people don’t prefer bearing skin women mostly go for loose long skirts. The dress has a flowy edge to it and looks beautiful if you wear a bright long skirt paired with a floral shirt. Long skirts also come in different designs like fish tail and mermaid cuts. These skirts are fitted and look very appealing when worn by women with nice body shapes.


Skirts can be worn with a variety of shirts which means you have many options with a skirt. It depends on the occasion. If the occasion you are going to is formal then you can wear a silk buttoned down shirt with a nice necklace to enhance its charm.


Another option is to wear a ruffled blouse with a mini skirt.  Ruffled blouses increase the charm of a skirt and bring about a very elegant look over all. While wearing a ruffled blouse you can also wear a pair of plain stockings underneath you mini skirt this will give you a nice English look, a look that many foreign women used to adopt when they wanted to look formal look.


Women who wear loose skirt s can opt for loose shirts with these long skirts. A kurti with bright colors will look amazing with long skirts. Tee shirts also look very good producing an overall casual look for the day. Underneath the long skirts you can either wear a pair of heels or you can opt for sandals in vibrant colors. A handbag with a strap always complements long skirts.


With a mini or short skirt you can wear long boots or heels. Clutches or handbags look very elegant and chic with miniskirts.


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