How to Wear the Double Denim Trend

OK ladies, what do you think works best with denim? Well, we can assure you now, that it is even more denim! Nope, we have not lost our fashion savvy style — the double denim trend from the ‘90s and early 2000s is back with a vengeance! You don’t have to be a runway model to make it look good but it helps if you steal their style! That is exactly what we at Zefinka have done for you. 


Before you check out the most popular outfits being worked by our fashionistas, we have a few handy tips that are worth bearing in mind when it comes to deciding on your double denim ensemble. 


It's not all about the obvious combination of jeans and a jacket. Play around with different options… shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and even boots all come in denim now-a-days. Although the classic blue denim come in a wide range of tones and colorful stitching, we implore you to remember the blacks, whites, khakis and amazing bright colors that are now available to you also. 


Let your feature designs to the talking! Denim clothing is being created with beautiful embroidered designs, patchwork cuts, printed images and additional fabrics, sports stripes. They bring color, fun and fabulous fashion to your double denim style.


Don't forget about accessories too. Not only will belts, bags, and bangles enhance a double denim outfit — you now make an outfit double denim by wearing them! Yes, that is right — they all come in denim too. You can even find earring in denim, that is how popular this mighty material is. 


We hope we have persuaded you not to disregard denim-on-denim as a fashion faux pas, but just to completely convince you; check out these surprisingly stylish ways to rock the look.


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