How to wear the hottest 2017 Fashion Trend: Khaki

Headlining most of the spring fashion shows at the start of the year, the Khaki Trend really took off but we are yet to see it slow down as we start the fall season and begin looking for winter inspiration. There is something about a quality pair of khaki pants or knee-length dress that feels fitting and perfectly practical for this time of year. A heavier fabric than most, it’s versatile enough to act as a proper substitute for your trusted blue jeans or black trousers. Our eyes have been opened to just how fashionable Khaki is, gone are the days of its boring «uniform staple» association. With designers providing such a wide selection of styles for our wardrobes, the outfits choices for Khaki are seemingly endless! 


If the khaki-crammed runways aren’t enough to convince you that the versatile fabric is in, consider the street style looks from the New York and London Fall 2017 shows. It is littered with women in all things khaki. We have been watching this new trend since the beginning of the 2017 and been inspired by the range of amazing ensembles. Below are some tips on what we think looks hot and how to can dress yourself up in this popular new color. 


Go all guns blazing with the military style. This fashion is not particularly new but has certainly been reincarnated over the year. The jackets, skirts, dresses and boots that have been designed with a feel for the military in mind are bold and punchy. We love this look! 


Look stunning in Khaki Dresses. The great thing about these dresses is that the light color can be paired with almost anything or any other color making them the most versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe. Being able to wear a dress with both chunky boots or worn sneakers is a dream for any girl wanting to make the most of each purchase. 


Khaki overalls are so HOT right now! Everyone seems to be walking around in the trending khaki jumpsuit. There are even options for the kids, adorable. The plunging necklines or button down fronts make these traditional unattractive garments super sexy and appealing to women. 




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