How to Wear the Most Memorable Festival Outfits

It's the season for festivals: music festivals, art festivals, comedy festivals, film festivals, beer festivals. There's something for everyone! Now — the question is what to wear so that your outfit will want to be snapped by the roving photographer. 

A festival outfit is more than just any old outfit. You want something unique. Something that says I'm vintage but cool, minimalist but put-together, sassy and effortlessly sexy. Keep in mind, you will need additional pockets for miscellaneous items, throw-overs for when it's too hot or too cold, and a bag that carries everything while still looking chic and not get in the way when you're dancing your ass off!

Here are a few of the best ideas, tips, and tricks we've picked up along the way from other festival goers. These will ensure you're outfit is one to be remembered. 

Denim overalls are amazing for any kind of festival. You can sit, stand, or dance and still be comfortable. You can mix and match overalls with thrifted items and a pair of white sunnies for the ultimate festival look. 

Kaftan style throw-overs are so resourceful. Kimonos can take you from the beach to the bar with ease. You can get a sexy sheer floral variety or sparkly with tassels and stylish design. 

Playsuits & Jumpsuits

With cute playsuits and stylish jumpsuits, you don't need to worry what to wear. It's an outfit all on its own. Pair it with a pair of comfortable boots, vintage belt and your boho accessories you found at the market and you're ready to party! 

Color, color, color

No point going to a festival if you're going to get lost in the crowd. Wear your loudest outfit and be proud. Even if it's a headscarf or bandana around your neck that can double as a headband — color is guaranteed to make your outfit a standout success. 

Jean jacket
Wear it around your waist during the day and pop it on when it gets chilly at night. Denim jackets are the go-to festival attire to throw on. Choose a vintage, boho style that reflects your personal style.

Remember most of all that style is ever changing. You are allowed to let your style evolve and change depending on your mood. Wear an outfit that helps you have the best time possible. Afterall, at the end of the day, it's more about friends, good times, and making epic memories than the clothes you wear. 

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