How To Wear The Slip Dress Trend With Confidence

Slip dresses are a vintage piece, that along with chokers, bell-bottoms and similar vintage pieces are seen to be making a comeback in high fashion as well as a street style. Slip dresses are short clothing, centered on a negligee style and the dresses usually come with a lace trim attatched to it. Slip dresses can be tricky to wear because they run the risk of looking like nightwear rather than for a night in the club or for a similar event. A few ways on how to make the slip dress wearable for a day to day as well as for a glamourous look are given below:


1.       Layer it up for fall!

You might  think that the appeal of slip dresses is limited to the summer reason, but you would be wrong. Layering a slip dress with a blazer or a jacket will make it perfect for the cold winter nights out.


2.       Pair it with other vintage pieces:

The slip dress looks the best when paired with other similar vintage pieces, such as chokers or even the popularized thigh high boots. A choker will add another dimension of style to this vintage look and is a recommended accessory to the outfit.


3.       For nights out

A slip dress is adaptable in that, that it could be worn with sneakers and a blazer for a more casual look and could be styled with thigh high boots or worn in luxury styled fabrics such as velvet or satin to give it more of a glamorous appeal.


4.       Simplicity is key

The key to carrying this look of skip dresses in the best way, is to make sure not to overpower it by pairing it with more statement style pieces. The way to make the dress the star, is to pair it with low key pieces that make the dress be the shining star of your overall look.


5.       Sneakers and T-Shirts

Sounds like a weird combination? Trust us, it isn't. It's the best way to wear the dress for a casual look and this was a style that was also popularized in the past. Pairing a plain black or white T-Shirt will universally flatter any slip dress and make it look casual and chic.


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