How To Wear The Slip Dress Trend

We have a general mind-set that everything go forward, everything that happens next, is introduced next is better than the ones before. It is true in many cases as well if you think of it. Especially with the technology, the smartphones are a very good example of it, how they started off and what they are now is really amazing. While it is true in the case of technology and it’s advancements, it is the opposite with fashion and it’s trends. The world of fashion never breaks loose of its older self.


The thing about fashion is that it does not goes by rule of ‘the newer, the better.’ It rather goes by ‘old is gold.’ You can never introduce something in fashion that will be better than the one before, it will be different and new but certainly not better as the older version of it will still be unique in its own way.


This is the exact reason why you always seem to see a revised version of something introduced from the older times by the fashion world. The Slip Dresses are one of them. If you have lived through the 90s then you would know that these dresses were hot and going in that decade the most. They were not however originated in the 90s. You would be shocked do know that these go back to the Middle Age times when women used to wear them as an underwear. Women started wearing them for when they used to go for private parties back in that time. They were revolutionised by women later and they started becoming common after women started getting their due rights in the society. They faded out of fashion however in the 70s before they were reintroduced in the 90s. Yes, it is not the first time that slip dresses are being reintroduced.


We are in the 21st century now and these dresses have started to come slowly back into fashion with the world’s leading fashion brands such as Prada are introducing them into their stocks again. Not of the same style of course, whenever an old style is introduced again it always have a touch of the current taste of fashion into it and the slip dresses have seen the same. So ladies, if you are looking trendy and comfortable at the same time then slip dresses are the answer to your situation.


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