How To Wear Winter Accessories with Amazing Style

As the cold nights start to draw in, we turn to the knitted, woolen and faux fur fashion accessories to keep us warm while we brave the chilly temperatures. A cozy thick scarf or a knitted pair of mittens are just the thing for staying snug during the coldest season of the year. 


How do the chicest fashionista's wear their hats, scarves, and gloves during the winter season? We have followed the fashion shows and scrutinized the high streets to bring you the best winter accessories looks. You do not have to sacrifice comfort for style. There is a wide range of choice on the market from festive fun to oversized comfort that feels like a hug each and everytime you wear it. 


Hats are not just for keeping your head warm. They keep your ears warm too! All joking aside, the hat fashion world has exploded with different cuts, styles, and designs. The iconic pom pom hat is still in high demand. Its cute, fun and trendy. With designers bringing you different bobble colors, baseball cap ridges, and even double bobble options there is plenty to choose from. 


Gloves are both practical and fashionable. Buying scarf, hat and glove matching sets is easy nowadays but mis-matching can be a lot more fun. Try out mixing it up a bit. The fashion world has understood our plight with touch phones and now designed gloves that will allow you to use your phone without taking your gloves off. Or you could stick with the equally stylish open fingertip mittens. 


Scarves can be varying lengths, styles, and materials. The oversized fit has become very popular over the last few years and it's easy to see why. They keep you snug and feel like a hug, who wouldn't like that right? Whether you prefer knitted, super soft, tie knot or snood — it is a winter essential for your wardrobe. 


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