Inspirational outfits for how NOT to look tired & mumsy

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak — Rachel Zoe


Now, we don’t want you going out of the house saying, I only had 3 hours of sleep, I have a sick toddler, my clothes don’t fit anymore, and my secret stash of chocolate and candy ran out today! That would be a disaster.


We want you to smile and feel confident and sexy, despite the number of hours sleep you got last night. How do we do that? I hear you ask.


Let us share with you the tips to looking great even when you don’t feel your best. We want you to be the mama who slays not the mama who succumbs to the frump and stays in her pajamas all day watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (Yes, we're all guilty). 

Tip #1 Load up on color and funky, interesting prints

Choose a style you feel comfortable with. No, we’re not saying sweatpants and the closest wrinkled blouse at the top of the laundry pile. Remember the style you wore before kids. Try a bright colored top (which also disguises any food stains) and statement jewelry with your most comfortable jeans.


Tip #2: Remember what you used to wear.

Remember the days when you walked into a room with your head held high. Before you had rug-rats that burped and pooped all over your nice white top. It’s time to bring that woman back!


Tip #3 Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

We cannot stress enough the importance of picking the right accessory. It’s the little details that make your outfit look complete. Pair something playful and interesting like a chic scarf with your tee and jeans. This makes it look more like you have planned your outfit, rather than thrown on the nearest items of clothing.


Tip #4 Invest in solid staples
A woman can never have enough staple crisp white tees/blouses. Think of it like pacifiers — you should always have a spare one on hand. There’s a reason Victoria Beckham always wears black. When you stick with colors that always go together, you can pair different fabrics together for a fashionable outfit.


Tip #5 Plan a shopping trip with your mothers' group

It’s hard to do anything for yourself when your priority is your little ones. But, you deserve a little R&R for yourself. Book a babysitter, round up your besties, make a coffee date, and spend time shopping for this season's staples.


Tip #6 Fake it till you make it

Wear the sexy undies! Put on your favorite bikini under your outfit. Even if you’re not going somewhere special, it sure makes you feel extra sexy and rebellious.

Got some more tips to share with other new mamas? Let us know in the comments below. 


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