Winter Trends : How to Style Your Knitted Crop Tops

Knitted crop tops have started making their place in the fashion world in recent years. Seen mostly during fall and winter seasons, these crop tops are becoming extremely popular because of their comfort and style. Made of knitted fabrics such as wool, knitted crop tops mold to your body and give you an attractive look all the while keeping you warm. It’s a win-win fashion choice for those slightly chilly days! Here are our favorite knitted crop top styles and pairings:


With Plain White Narrow Skirt or Pants

Most knitted crop tops come in deep or neutral colors like gray, black, beige, maroon, etc. which makes them look absolutely stunning with plain white narrow skirts or plain white pants. The knitted crop top stands out and overlook look is elegant and formally fashionable.


Knitted Crop Top with Skinny Jeans and Leather Jacket

The perfect winter look is this. Take your favorite knitted crop top, pull on your favorite skinny jeans, and top it off with a gorgeous leather jacket. The look is cozy as well as drop dead gorgeous. You can even throw in some boots to complete the look.


Knitted Crop Tops with Denim

For a no-brainer kind of outfit, pair your knitted crop top with denim everything. You can pair it with a denim jacket, denim shorts, denim vest, or denim jeans. These crop tops go great with denim so that’s a look you don’t have to think twice about!


Pair with a Long Coat

Fall and winter are the seasons you pull out that long coat you own – if you’re wondering how best to wear it, one option is definitely with a knitted crop top. The long coat pulled on top is enough to keep you warm and comfortable and the mid-riff showing crop top still keeps you looking hot and stylish. Put on some fitted jeans and heeled boots to complete this look!


Knitted Crop Top over a Casual Dress

If you want to wear a light dress in the cold days but need something warm to cover it up, you can always pull on a loose knitted crop top to keep you warm and still wear your light dress!


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