Layering Style Tips You Need for an Awesome Outfit

Dressing for cold weather is all about figuring out how to stay warm and look stylish at the same time. Mastering the art of layering is the key to achieving both of these. In theory, it sounds simple — add a cardigan over a tank over a singlet, simples. But sadly no, there are a few rules to layering to stop you look like a clothes stand in the sales. 


Belt It Up — If layer start to look a little bulky than tame them with a belt. This draws the waistline in and gives you back your shape. Of course, it also shows how savvy you are with your fashion accessories. 


Mix It Up — Mixing up different print patterns has taken the fashion world by storm over the past year. And this fun and lively way to dress is showing no signs of slowing down. 


Glitz It Up — Nothing adds pizazz to an outfit more than some sequins or glitter effect stitching. Flashy costume jewelry or if you are lucky enough to own the real thing than bring on that bling and add glamour to your layers. 


Texture It Up — Do not stick to the same old jeans, skirt and sweaters layers. Work with textures and materials you might not usually pair together or even wear in the first place. Remember fashion should be fun. 


Boot It Up — Over the knee or thigh boots are great for layering. they can be layered over tights, pants, and jeans. We especially like thick soaks layered under to give both extra warmth and some added style. 


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