Learn 9 Secrets to Enhance your Streetwear Style

Make sure you have a few key pieces of staple clothing items. A cropped leather jacket, little black dress, a white button down, skinny jeans should already be in your wardrobe.


Learn to mix and match. Try a different material like velvet and weave it into your wardrobe. Denim is another staple that can be mixed with a soft or structured top. 


Decide on a fashion style. Try preppy, boho, feminine, feminine luxe, elegant, edgy, or vintage glam. Once you know which style you feel most confident in stick with it and experiment with material and design.


Layer different items to create a polished stylish look. A long cardigan, a bodysuit and coat, a little suede skirt over tights all give your style an edgy, cool vibe.


Find a few bloggers and stylish fashionistas that reflect your style. Follow them and learn different ways to put together a street style outfit that will turn heads.


Choose a statement piece of jewelry and make this your signature style. A bright piece of jewelry will make a neutral outfit stand out.


Don’t get paralysis by analysis. Have a go-to outfit for those days when you feel too lazy to decide. An easy outfit could be skinny jeans with a rock concert tee and comfy canvas sneakers.


Show skin strategically. It’s sexy to show off your best body part and leave a little to the imagination. Choose your legs or your bust, not both.


Remember to have fun with fashion! Whether it’s a funny tee or a funky piece of jewelry, dress for how you want to feel.

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