Summer Outfits to Make Your Booty Turn Heads

Hey there girls! We know you all long for a perky, round butt but not all of us want the surgery to get us there. Try these tricks instead. You will the ass you dream of and heads craning for a look after you sashay past.


Say yes to slim fit skirts: Tight, figure-hugging, high-waisted skirts should be your go-to when you want to accentuate your derriere. It brings the eye up, highlights your waist and makes your butt look Amazing! Now that's what we want. 


Try horizontal stripes to make a good butt great: For those who have a flatter bum, use stripes as an illusion to create more shape. Your butt will thank you! 


Stretchy fabrics are your friends: You want fabrics that are kind to your body, feel amazing, and follow your natural body shape. 


Make high-waisted skirts a wardrobe staple: This is because high-waisted skirts draw the attention to your waist and shows off your curves. 


Get the right pocket placement: Yes, you heard us right — pocket placement on pants is Everything!. 


Use some butt-lifting shapewear: Doesn't hurt to use a bit of help. With all the pressure to look great, it's nice to be able to have a product on hand that gives you an instant confidence boost and sexy shape. 


Everybody loves a good butt to squeeze, so use these tips to show yours off! 

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