Learn to Accessorize Like a Fashionista

The recent Golden Globes saw actors and actresses wear black in solidarity for the Time’s Up Campaign. It was a jeweler’s dream. What a better way to showcase your colored jewels than against a black canvas.

We all know, the right accessory can make or break any outfit. If your outfit is casual street wear, try a subtle amount of bling or a creative statement piece. When wearing your glam party dress — this is your time to shine. Decide if gold, silver, or colored will best accent your outfit and build from there.

We’re so glad to see colored, bold, and bright bling on the runway this season. Celebrities have been flashing necklaces with gorgeous colored jewels and matching earrings and handbags. Think big and think bold! We’ve seen layered drop pearl earrings, tassel earrings, large hoop earrings and more. The more creative you get with earrings the better!

Here are a few different ways to pair the right jewelry with your outfit:

Casual T-shirt and Jeans
: When wearing casual skinny jeans and tees you want to accessorize a little, rather than a lot. Try a pair of unique earrings and wrist stackable cuff. Complete the look with a beautiful boho stackable ring set.  It immediately adds a glam look to your casual outfit.

Date Night Dresses:
 For most date night out dresses, you want a sparkly neck piece. Think dazzling diamonds that accentuate your cleavage and matching earrings to finish the look. Whether you’re wearing a plunging neckline dress, off-the-shoulder dress, or backless dress, a necklace will highlight your décolletage and make your neck seem longer.

Chic & Preppy Style:
 If you think accessories don’t go with chic and preppy outfits like women’s skinny jeans and patterned pants, think again. Try a bold, statement piece that pulls your outfit together and adds to the charm!

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