Look Of Young : Cool Dress Up Ideas

When in your 20’s you have a wide range of options to choose your wardrobe styles from. The choice of your wardrobe depends on a lot of things which include your culture, your choice of colors, your comfort level and your budget. Keeping all these things in mind you can arrange your wardrobe accordingly.


To start with your culture we can say that you can draw the line between two types of cultures the eastern and western. Both the cultures have various options and the trends keep changing with time. Girls in the east have to keep track of the fashion and its changing trends all the time as the fashion changes every two months.  If you are a university going girl you can opt for loose kurtis with trousers or a pair of jeans. 


You have the option of wearing different shirt in different styles long and short with a variety of pants at your disposal. These days we have pantins, cuelots, bell bottoms and tights at your disposal to choose from. Some days you can opt for a desi look and wear white with a colored duppata or wear a short shirt with a shalwar and a colorful duppata. You can also peplum tops with tulip pants to university or college and flaunt your style in a casual yet classy look.


For the girls of the western culture there are also very many options available. In the west mostly girls in their early 20’s like to wear miniskirts with crop tops or tee shirts. The look is more comfy and casual and they like to beat the heat with a comfortable dress with more space to bare the skin.


Then there’s an option of wearing short frocks and long frocks. Ruffled blouses to formal gatherings are also very trending.  Girls in their 20’s also wear jeans commonly. They have various options to choose their tops from which range from off shoulder tops to net or laced tops or crop tops or just simple tee shirts depending on the occasion. In the western culture girls also wear silk dresses sometimes of short length while at other times of long lengths.


Young girls have the option to carry funky bags and glasses depending on what their choice is. Similarly the shoes mostly worn are sneakers but heels are also preferred if the occasion is formal.


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