Magic Of High Heels: How To Look Brilliant

You cannot deny the fact that women are a work of art in all aspects, good or bad. If you deny it then I’m sorry you must really hate them. Everything they do and think is out of the ordinary, again for good and for bad. It is because of this fact that even their fashion and their trends are something very unique and extraordinary.

One particular one are the high heels that every woman loves to have in her locker. Normally you would think looking at their very unique designs these days that they were introduced hardly several decades ago but you would be very wrong to think that. It might be a shock to you but heels have been there since 3500 BC when women used to wear them only for special occasions. It might also be a surprise to you that butchers of that time living in Egypt used to wear them in order to avoid stepping on the carcasses of dead animals.


Heels like one theory of humans, have also evolved through the passage of time. However with the heels it is very true that they have evolved compared to the evolution of humans which is arguable. If you believe in the phrase ‘higher the heels, higher the standards,’ then we have got some news for you. Back when the concept of heels started, prostitution was illegal and to identify themselves prostitutes used to wear heels. Now we are in no way trying to depict from this fact that heels are not something that you should not wear because no matter what, they do look sexy.


Especially in the modern times of this generation specifically, it is now become a trend that even your normal slippers are made higher from the heel. The other heels have become very so thin with some amazing designs that you could try on which would make men drool simply by looking at your feet. Heels are no more a fashion that you use in some occasions, they have rather become normal and a necessity for every girl to wear no matter where they are going.


Heels have come a long way from the ancient times and today have become a mist wear item for every woman out there. They have gotten shockingly higher as well through time. These days if you wear short heels then you would be seen as a person who is living in the past as very high heels are the thing which is going on for quite some time now. You would definitely want to go out and get yourself some pair of high heels so that you do not feel left out when you are with your friends and they are walking around with their sexy posture in their high heels.


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