Master the Cozy yet Chic Look

We all wear sweaters but not everyone wears oversized sweaters because the common idea is that they can look boxy, unfashionable, or just plain odd – but that’s a misconception. Oversized sweaters, while they do hide your physique, can still make you look slim and attractive as long as you know how to wear them the right way. You can just throw on an oversized sweater and make it work – but wear it right and it can look amazing! Here’s how you can wear oversized sweaters:


Oversized Sweater with a Belt

Oversized sweaters may be bulky but you can make them look flattering for your figure by pulling a belt over it around your waist! It accentuates your physique and still gives you the oversized sweater chic look.

Oversized Sweaters with Skinny Jeans and Beanies

Skinny jeans are the perfect way to pair your large sweater because they make you look slim and smart so the sweater doesn’t make you look bulky at all! And whenever you’re rocking this combo, be sure to pull on your favorite beanie to complete the winter casual yet dressed up look.


Open Oversized Sweaters with Fitted Top

If you have an oversized sweater that opens up at the front or buttons up, you can pair it with a fitted inner shirt. The open part reveals your figure whereas the sweater nicely offsets it for the perfect winter look. Long or knee length open sweaters with jeans and tucked in tees is a great outfit to wear for any casual outing.


Oversized Sweater Dresses

Oversized sweater dresses paired with boots are the perfect casual yet chic style to pull off. You can wear shorts or leggings to pair with the dress if you feel uncomfortable wearing only the dress. The great thing about this outfit is that you can easily pair it with your favorite jewelry such as bangles, necklaces, or big earrings.

For the ideal winter chic look which is casual as well as comfortable, oversized and large sweaters are your friend!


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