Top-13 Jacket Trends for Winter 2016

It’s simply not possible for most women to make it out of winter chill warmly and cheerfully enough without having a collection of cozy jackets in their wardrobes. Jacket is considered to be derived from a French word “jaquet”, translated literally as light tunic, which apparently justifies itself as a waist or hip-length outerwear blending warmth, comfort and style all in a single piece of garment.


With passage of time, an extensive variety of women winter jackets has evolved nowadays, with different types suitable for specific body types and various occasions. Our idea here is to bring forth different types of jackets most popular among women as winter wear, so that you can upgrade your wardrobe this winter as desired. So, here you go:


Leather Jacket: Irrespective of age, size or body type, majority of women cannot even think of a winter wardrobe without an appropriate leather jacket in it. This is because leather jackets provide so much in quality, durability, style, designs and colors that one can’t resist the temptation of choosing one of their own likings. From loose to regular fitting and tight to figure hugging, these are available in a huge range of fits to make it easier for ever demanding women. 


Denim Jacket: Denim also serves to be a fabric with timeless charm and everlasting durability. The intrinsic properties of denim turn denim jackets into all-time favorites for women when it comes to having something nice and stylish for winter in their wardrobes. Icing on the cake is the fact they can be worn practically anywhere and everywhere.


Fleece Jacket: As evident from the name itself, winter-appropriate fleece fabric is used to craft this type of winter jackets for women. These not only offer a great deal of insulation against extreme winter cold, but also look and feel good too. You can have them in a wide range of colors, patterns, cuts and designs.      

Blazers: A blazer is a winter appropriate garment resembling a formal suit jacket, though it can be regarded more casual than a formal suit. You are not only able to wear these for office, but also for an evening out. They are also available in a wide selection of styles and materials.


Coats: Not exactly falling in the category of jackets, coats also serve as one of the most demanded winter essentials of modern times. Extended to hip length, most coats are able to provide better insulation against harshness of winter.


Remember, it’s the variety in your wardrobe that adds depth and value to it. So, make sure you choose the best of what suits your taste and style.


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