Move over Military, Utility is On-Trend Right Now!

The fashion industry is making a move towards Utility style. We're talking boiler suits, front loaded tool belts, huge patch pockets and variations on the traditional cargo pants. While not a million miles away from it, this new trend has started to edge out the extremely popular military style. However, it can also be worn successfully in tandem with it so don't got throwing out your camouflage just yet. In today's ever growing world of technology, the extra pockets and kit belts, designed to mimic that of a workman's (or workwomen's) typical uniform, make this style rather handy for modern accessories. 

This is a trend we predict will be popular with Mom's who want to incorporate the practicalities of being a mom on-the-go with their inner fashion vixen. If you have to be a multi-tasker than why can't your clothes. The utility style provides clothes that look great and allow you hide some of the items you need with you on a daily basis in stylish tool belts and sewn in fanny bags. Yep, you heard it hear — the fanny bags is now trendy! 

If you have been shouting about how we can balance fashion and function, then the Utility craze is going to be your go-to trend this season. Pick up a denim boiler suit, dust off your khaki cargo's, grab your an oversized anorak and start looking for utilitarian jackets because this trend has been picked up quickly. We saw it stand out on the catwalks with shows from Fendi, Givenchy, Balmain and Hermès. Expect to hear this term bandied around a lot this summer and worn by our top insta-influencers. 

The utility style has been created from traditional engineering suits, medical clothing, safari garments and multi-pocket vests. Designers has tactfully changed these “wear and tear-ables” into stylish clothing using softer materials such as satin, silk or soften cotton. The necklines and shoulders have been subtly changed to flatter the female form. We are seeing Spring pastels being brought through in place of the typical mundane labour intensive colors and embellishments, such as bright stitching or designer buttoning, are perfecting these inventive new clothes. All in all, our designers have been clever in their modern day interpretations to make this new trend one that is top of our summer trends and fashionista's are going totally bonkers over. 

Check out the looks that have got the influencers, stylists and IT girls changing up their wardrobes. 

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