New Outfits Ideas When You're Bored of Your Clothes

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but still have absolutely nothing to wear. Are you bored of your clothes and need some outfit inspiration but have don't have a bank balance like the Kardashian's? Well, read on all the best fashion tips and advice on how to create new and stylish outfits when you are fed up with your current clothes. 

Almost every girl will experience this at some point in her life time; a closet full of clothes that throws up no options for a new and funky outfit for that coffee date or party at the weekend. We are your fashion angels, sent from catwalk heaven, to give you some style inspiration to reinvent your look and create stunning new outfits. 

Whether you are looking for classy office wear or a chic outfit for your next social event, at least one of the style tips below will be of assistance. 

One easy way to build a few new outfits is to mix up your patterns and pair the things you have never paired together before. This will of course feel quite alien to you, but get your full length mirror out and work through your clothes. You are guaranteed to find pairs that you are surprisingly happy with. Or make a fun evening out of it and catwalk you wardrobe mash-ups to your girlfriends over a glass of wine.

If you are looking to pick up something new, look for an item of clothing that you can make a number of different outfits from. Something relatively neutral but avoid black and white. Think about a tan calf-length leather skirt, or a evergreen high roll neck. Each can be paired beautifully with both bright and dark colors, embellishments and can be worn to casual, formal or party occasions. You don't always have to spent a lot of money but just think smart about what else you have to wear with it. 

Accessories are your best friend. allow them to completely change the look of your clothes. A simple cream dress can be transformed into a Boho outfit with a leather pendant necklace or multi-ring sets. The same dress can be worn to your next romantic meal with sassy heels, a silk scarf and silver earrings. Or what about a fun lunch date by pairing the dress with sneakers and a baseball cap. The opportunities are endless with a few accessories. Personally, I love pearls for an instant office-to-drinks transformation.

Colors pop! You can make many different outfits by changing up a focal color. A super simple way to do this is with your make up and nail polish. Electric blue eye shadow and dusty pink lippy with royal blue nails are a gorgeous set of colors. Burnt orange with thick black eyeliner and a bright orange lipstick is perfect for the summer. And of course everyone is envious of green. 

Below are some of our favorite outfits and items from our store that will allow you to copy them. We hope they give you style inspiration. AND if you purchase anything from our store, Post A Selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits to win your cash back, or spend it again on another new item. 
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