Night Moves: The Best Evening Bags

How will you look if you are dressed up in a perfect evening at perfect having a matching handbag, well yes you can well imagine how you will look. You will definitely look incomplete. It is not always about just wearing the right dress, instead it is important to carry the needed accessories that will ultimately add significance in your entire look. By adding a chic ideal evening bag will add glamour to your overall personality.

Choosing an appropriate evening bag that will look perfect with your evening attire is not at all a rocket science. What you are looking for is just something that has great aesthetics and fulfill the functional requirements at the same time. Let's look up for some tips regarding choosing the best evening bag:


The perfect size: the size of an evening bag varies from event to event. While going to some formal events, you shall not be needing a lot of things. The basic stuff that you might need is your cell phone, lipstick, some cash or card, and keys. Therefore, it is best to carry a small clutch. Clutches come in different shapes, fabric and styles. Some are rectangular and square shaped, while others are circular and box style.  However, if you need some more things then you can always go for a slightly larger clutch having some more room to fill the needed things.


The perfect color: the color of your dress and the color of your bag shouldn’t be the same as it will give an overall dull look. However the color of your bag should compliment your formal dress. If you are wearing a darker color dress, then add some glitter or carry a brightly colored clutch. On the other hand, if you are wearing a very bright colored dress, then have a low tone colored clutch. This will make your overall look very pleasant and elegant.


Printed and pattered bags: printed and patterned bags are in fashion these days. These bags can go with almost every color and every tone.


The fabric:  evening bags come with  a huge range of variety. Different types of fabric is used in making these bags. Some of the most common fabric includes leather, silk, satin, fur, metal, velvet, thread work and even fine quality plastic. It is on you how you want the overall look to be.


Strap or no strap: some bags have straps while others don’t. And some have to option to use it both ways. If you want to carry it in your hand, then go with strapless option where if you want to hang it around your shoulder then uses the strap option.


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