Nine Accessories to Turn Your Outfit from Drab to Fab

Put the finishing touch on your outfit with these new accessory styles. 


1. Handbag: This season calls for all sorts of geometric bags. Think cute cube bags, boho circle cane over the shoulder bags, and a bright patterned bag. It may not be big in size and fit your hairspray, hair straightener, and that cute puppy you've been wanting, but it will fit the essentials. 

2. Sunglasses: The micro sunglasses trend is here to stay. You have probably already seen many celebrities getting on board with this one. If you love it, embrace it. We will be sticking with our regular sized sunglasses for now. 

3. Hats: Having a bad hair day? No worries, a chic hat is the only way to go. Hide all the bumpy bits and look every bit the stylish fashionista. This one is an easy trend to wear. A hat will upgrade every outfit from casual to glam. We are seeing berets making a comeback and also an emphasis on the baker boy/newsboy cap style. 

4. Gloves: Did you say gloves? That's right! Fashion is loving gloves right now. Think up to the elbow elegant gloves, and smaller cut-out gloves. Choose a color that complements your outfit. You want your glove to be understated but still enough to make your outfit pop. 


6. Clutch Bags: It's time to fall in love with color again. Bags are getting more beautiful by the minute. Choose a brightly patterned bag with a simple outfit and a simple striped bag with a more daring grungy streetwear look. If in doubt, a tan bag will always look chic with every stylish outfit. 

7. Earrings: Ear bling is back! Have fun with sparkly, glitzy, dangly earrings. No need to go small or hide your ears. Embrace the bling! The longer the better and the more daring the better. Spice up that boring old outfit with a chandelier, tassel, or woven type that will be sure to catch everybody's eyes. 


8. Shoes: The transparent kind of shoe is making an appearance on the catwalk this season. We're hoping they are the comfortable type because they look very unusual. Well, at least they can be worn with everything. No need to color coordinate when there is no color! Also, the classic pointed-toe pumps are still around. What you save on a pedicure you can spend on new shoes ;) 

9. Smile: The best kind of accessory is a gorgeous smile. Take that sparkle to your eyes, lift your chin, pull your shoulders back and wear your smile with confidence. Remember it's not you in the outfit, it's the outfit that should complement you. Know your style, what works for you and experiment with these interesting accessories. Most of all, have fun and make incredible memories with your favorite fashion pieces. 


Tell us your favorite lucky accessory that you just can't live without. 


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