Nine Work Outfits to take you from Office to Drinks

We all know how boring it is to wear the same thing to work every day. It's time to shake things up a bit. As long as you know how to do it right, you can make your office attire fun and chic without compromising on your sophisticated professional look. 

Here are 9 outfit ideas that will take you from the office to drinks with ease. 

High Waist Skirt
There are many fashionable suit style sets with a high waist skirt on the market today. The women's suit has been refreshed with trendy patterns and different cuts so we can wear them with a bit of flair and style. Think ruffles, embellishments, patterns, and color. Pair with a solid black top to accent your beautiful curves.   

Bold Colors
Wearing extremely bold colors can be a little over the top for the office but that doesn’t mean you avoid them completely! Choose a single bold colored item and pair it with neutrals (cream, white, or black) for a stylish, professional look. For example, try opting for a bright colored blouse or shirt with grey trousers and simple black pumps. Vibrant colors can make you stand out for all the right reasons in the workplace. 

Beautiful All Black Outfit
Black is a color that never dates, gets old, looks dull. Black always looks polished, classy and beautiful. Remember if you wear black on top and the bottom, create interest by wearing a stunning stand-out jewelry piece, belt, colorful pumps, or embellished handbag. 

Navy & Stripes 
No longer does wearing navy and stripes mean you look like a sailor. We have started to see small decorative additions to office outfits for women: a little lace adds a vintage vibe, bold buttons and stitching add panache to traditional styles. We have also seen a lot more focus on finely tailored fittings and more sleek designs. Plus, we've seen Kate Middleton wear navy and stripes and it looks fabulously stylish, chic, and well put together. If it's good enough for Kate, it's good enough for us too.

Colorful Pumps
What a great way to turn heads in the office. A great pair of heels can be the talk of the office and make your outfit go from okay to outstanding. If your outfit is rather neutral try some colorful floral pumps for a stand-out look. If you have a busy outfit with lots going on, try a solid bold pair of pumps that complement your look. And remember a woman can never have too many shoes. 

Sweater & Collared Shirt
A collared shirt can look plain and boring, but add a fun sweater and your look is an instant success. The right sweater and shirt combo can keep you looking feminine, professional and powerful. Wear with a pencil skirt, or skinny trousers and matching pumps for the ideal office attire. 

Nobody likes to look untidy and a bodysuit solves this problem. No longer do you need to worry if your blouse or shirt has become untucked throughout the day. A bodysuit hugs you in all the right places making a beautiful silhouette that takes you from day to night with ease. Bodysuits come in solid colors, with zips, low backs, and additional strappy details. If you're wearing a daring bodysuit, take a jacket for a refined style and take the jacket off for after-work drinks. 

Chunky Statement Jewelry
Everybody knows a statement piece of jewelry can make an outfit. Wearing a single item of jewelry is ideal — slip on a bracelet, wear a gorgeous watch, or a locket that complements your outfit. Earrings are also great for the workplace and add a little dazzle to your outfit after dark. 

Classic White Blouse
You can never go wrong with a crisp, classic white blouse. It keeps your look professional and fresh at the same time. Try a brightly colored knee length skirt with a white silk blouse and casual black blazer for a polished, stylish look. 

One of the main rules for looking your best is to give careful consideration to the finished look. You want to give a vibe of effortlessness and at the same time polished and tidy. This means manicured nails, tamed hair, neutral or light shades of makeup, polished shoes, ironed clothes, and run-free leggings — as long as you’re properly polished, you can make any outfit look amazing!

If you know how to do it right, office fashion can truly be a fun challenge and also help you give off a great, properly prepared kind of look at your workplace! 

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