Our Top 10 Bohemian Chic Outfit Ideas to Copy

Getting the Bohemian Chic Style is not as easy as the effortless appearance is designed to convey. Being able to look just the right amount of the casual boho goddess, without going as far as dippy hippie slob takes some practice — or you could just cheat a little and follow our simple steps below! 


We have been watching our favorite celeb boho style icons (Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, and all the Olsen sisters) and are always following the trends at the Bohemian Fashion Shows, to tell you how to get that balance just right! With the most famous boho festival just around the corner — COACHELLA — it is worth planning your Bohemian Love outfits now. 


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With an almost unlimited number of ways to bring your own character to the style, the bohemian chic look suits almost every woman. But don’t be fooled. Although the bohemian look appears to be very free & easy, do not assume that learning how to dress like a dippy hippie is all it takes. It’s actually very easy to get the bohemian style wrong. Knowing the main features of the boho-chic-style and how can you make them work for you is key. 


The bohemian style was about free-flowing fabrics and designs, rather than rigid shapes and tailored cuts of the 50's and 60's. Bohemian outfits and style, are grounded in the idea that you have the freedom to layer and combine different items of clothing to reflect your unique character. Although the emphasis is firmly on the wide use of free-flowing fabrics and colorful designs, this is not only what makes a boho look. In fact, when it comes to boho outfits adding something fitted or in solid colors — such as a singlet op or leggings -  merely serves to emphasize the looser cut of other items. And of course, oversized clothing is a must.


In keeping with the Bohemian natural earth-loving ethos, natural materials are the fabric of choice for the boho chic trend. Light cottons, soft linens and lace, and fabrics which emphasize the floaty graceful look, including silks and chiffon. The semi-natural appearance of faux fur adds even more to the atmosphere, and of course, leather and suede are fabulous options for jackets, sandals, and boots.


The Bohemian style favors accessories; belts, bags and especially jewelry go a long way to perfecting your boho goddess persona. Lots of mix-matching with belts and bag is a typical boho feature. When it comes to the jewelry; finger, thumb and toe rings are all very present. Ankle and upper arm bracelets are also featured heavily and in many colors. Stones and rocks are also very common and look great. 


Check out below our favorite Boho Outfits to Copy and share with us your favorite Bohemian Looks. 


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