Outfits & Jeans That Give Your Butt Lift and Perkboot

You want your butt to look amazing in jeans — no surprises there. Who doesn’t?! The real trick is how to make it look perky and round. Here are some much-needed tips on how to make your butt look amazing in any outfit!


One thing we must mention is to choose the right type of knickers. Yes, we went there. Choosing a pair of comfortable seamless underwear can make all the difference, rather than undies that are too tight, irritating and creating extra dints and folds everywhere.


Opt for high-waist pants, skirts, and shorts. And yes — they are in fashion right now — that goodness! A high waist, wide leg pair of pants can accentuate your waist, create a rounder, fuller, more tailored look. And wide legs also balance out your figure, keeping everything balanced. For tailored pants, you want material that skims your body rather than skin-tight bodycon options.


Now when you're wearing shirt dresses and flowing dresses, make sure they are tapered or cinched at the waist. Wearing a belt when donning an oversized shirt can make all the difference between a poor outfit and a great, stylish outfit.


One last very important thing to mention — Girl it's well time you throw away your saggy-bottom, out of shape favorite pair of track pants. You know the ones we're talking about! They are not doing you any favors. Unless it’s housework, there’s no reason to wear ill-fitting clothes.  

Keep trying on different styles of materials, and apparel. Be honest with yourself and wear something that makes you feel good as well as looks good. 

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