Parasolka (umbrellas) the second half of XIX - early XX centuries

An integral part of the women's pleasure toilet in the second half of the 19th century was the umbrella, which is primarily used as a protection from the sun. Tanned face and hands were considered a sign of bad taste. The ladies of high society, and behind them and other urban women did not want to be like peasant women engaged in physical labor under a scorching sun. Therefore, all those who wanted to maintain an interesting and fashionable while pallor, protects the face from the sun with the help of an umbrella.

1870s The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, 1870s.

1875-1880 French Parasol.

French Parasol, 1875-1880.

1880s LACMA.

LACMA, 1880s.

1900 Parasol American

American Parasol, 1900.

Louis Comfort Tiffany 1908

Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1908.



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