Pearl Fashion Trend 2018: Outfits Inspiration

Pearls have long been called a timeless classic, and they do look elegant, but can a pearl necklace look modern? The simple answer is Yes! It absolutely can look casual, funky, sassy and hip! Now, thanks to celebrity fashion icons like Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Kim Kardashian, they are the top trending fashion accessories that styles up your outfit instantly.

The great thing about Pearls is that they can still carry the graceful elegance they held when worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Basically, what we are telling you is that when you buy Pearls, you are buying a fashion accessories that can be paired with absolutely ANYTHING in your wardrobe. Now, that is a super awesome accessory to have in your jewelry box. 

It is not hard to understand the appeal of these gorgeous organic gems, the milky pearlescence is so flattering against almost any skin tone (avoid wearing when sunburnt — it highlights the red!). However, real pearls do not come cheap — that is why we are so happy to see many affordable options on the market. Cultured Pearls are only a tenth of the price of a real pearl but better still, imitation pearls are everywhere and in every design. 

Whether you are looking for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, pearl beaded jeans or even pearl encrusted boots, the high street brands have heard our cries for all things pearls, and delivered a huge range of stylish clothing and accessories. Here, at Zefinka, we have pulled together our favorite street style outfits and taken inspiration from the top fashion bloggers to bring you the best looks that highlight the classic pearl. 

The pearl fashion trend of 2018 looks to be continuing into 2019 so don't be worried that this is a flash in the pan, like so many fashion trends can be. They are timeless for a reason and now they are being worn in a modern and stylish way. 

Zefinka bring you the trends. You make them your own.

Check out our pearl inspired outfits ideas and how you can copy them right now. AND if you purchase anything in the store — post a selfie wearing your Zefinka purchases to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.

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