Plush Ball Sweaters: The Cutest Trend This Winter

Plush balls are a unique design trend that are prevailing all types of sweaters, making cute and creative designs that are popular with many females all over! These plush balls add a 3D design to sweaters – the “balls” being used to create designs like ice cream scoops, cherries, flowers, and more. Cute, right? In street-wear especially, we’re seeing a rapid rise in the trend! Just like trends like Hello Kitty, bunnies, cats, and fruit designs have been extremely popular, plush balls are the new and unique trend that top the Cute ‘n’ Adorable list!


With so much variety available, there are many plush ball sweaters you can choose from to boast this coming winter. These plush ball designs are on different colors and styles of sweaters, ranging from oversized sweaters to woolen tops, sweatshirts, sweater dresses and more. Whatever style you choose, the plush ball design is a must-wear this winter!


If you’re wondering how you can best pull off these plush ball sweaters boasting the perfect cutesy look, we have here a few ideas for you:


Oversized Plush Ball Sweater with Ugg Boots

Ugg boots with plush ball sweaters are like the perfect, made for each other match! The fluffiness of the plush balls and the fluffy look of the Ugg boot complement each other so well, you have the entire cute look perfected in two items! If you don’t own Ugg boots, that’s okay – the sweater look works with any other pair of boots too!


Plush Ball Pullover with Ripped Jeans

For a look that has casual, cute, and chic mixed in together, plush ball sweaters or pullovers are great to pair with ripped jeans. The ripped jeans look gives off the edgy look whereas the sweater balances it with a cute look – and you have a unique outfit in your hands!


Tucked-in Fitted Plush Ball Sweater

If you have a fitted plush ball sweater, tuck it in for a cute yet prim look! Pull off the outfit with a braid or ponytail, push the sweater sleeves up and put on a watch and there you have it, the perfect look to try out this winter with your cute new sweater!


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