Look Gorgeous with our Guide to Wearing Stripes!

You may remember a couple of years ago ‘The Dress’ became a viral sensation with people around the world speculating on whether the stripes on the dress were black and blue or white and gold. This phenomenon saw record sales of the dress but, more importantly for us Fashionistas, it pathed the way for stripes to make an almighty run at the top spot (get it) of the fashion world. The verdict came back quickly, Stripes are Strong and not much has happened since to stop them featuring in many fashion shows and catwalks across the industry.

The Spring 2017 runways offered an eclectic mix of striped clothing with vibrant colours and vivacious designs. From the classic French stripe of Breton to extremely sought after nouveau technicolour prints. This year's fashions shows have seen a huge focus on stripes across dresses, trousers and suits and as we move into the fall season the designers just keep bringing us amazing fresh and funky outfits that really make the wearer stand out and be noticed. We have been following them all and are ready to report back in this guide.

It's not just the designers that are going bonkers for stripes, our celebrities want in on the action too. Early this year we saw comedy actress Yara Shahadi and Downton Abbeys Michelle Dockery strike stunning poses at the Screen Actors Guide awards. Their vibrant dresses brought nothing but praises from the fashion critics and we can see why; they looked fabulous. You may not think that stripes belong on the red carpet, but Paris Jackson blew us away in Balmain design hot off the catwalk. Her 70's chic meets glam look was nothing short of stunning. And who could forget Vampire Diaries Kat Graham in that sequinned black, red and white number that hugged her curves in all the right places.

We love stripes and I think you can see just how popular they are in the fashion world. We want to take that striped fashion and bring those looks to your wardrobe. Stripes are available in a lot of styles now, this style has become versatile and suitable for all social engagements. No need to worry anymore about whether you should go horizontal or vertical when there are lines in all directions and print and patterns on all items of clothing. Olivia Palermo can't get enough of them and we love how she mixes and matches stripes for great outfit looks. Taylor Swift likes to party in them and made a quick change after the Grammys to into a two-piece stripy glitzy outfit. There were times when we only wore striped PJ’s but now the times have changed and you need to be up to speed. 

Check out our favourite striped looks below There are some styles you’ll definitely want to try for a sizzling look.


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