Purple is the new Black - Our Most Popular Purple Outfits

Trend Alert!!! Purple has become the fastest growing on-trend color this year and as winter arrives it isn't stopping. Purple featured in almost all the fall/winter fashion shows. But why has it become so popular? Well.....


The colder seasons of the year typically mean darker colors. Many fashion designers and bloggers talk of the «steal rainbow» — I am sure you have all heard of this too, right? Whilst this undoubtedly brings you a classic range of tones between gray and black — the only light comes from slithers of silver, glitter, and sequins. 


However, women love to dress us. The plethora of purples available to us bring much-wanted color to our winter wardrobes. We can now add lighter shades, such as lilac or violet, to an otherwise dark outfit. We continue to agree that winter is essentially a dark color season and are not revolting against years of like-minded fashion, but purple gives us some bright tones to play with. 


What is even better, you can also use purple as your dark winter season shade. Mulberry, Raisin or Plum and all rich colors that look fabulous. We see our designer and high street shops bringing us velvet pants and cords, stylish skirts and dresses and even the jewelry makers are bringing us beautiful pieces displaying amethysts. 


We love it so much, we have put together a selection of our favorite outfits to give you style inspiration. Browse through our 50 Shades of Purple outfit suggestions to find an awesome ensemble. 


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