Runway Trends For This Summer 2017

So are you excited about the summer season? Summer is finally here and you must have made plans to enjoy this sunny season. Beaching, picnics, vacations, family gatherings, weddings, and friend hangouts, summer gives you so much to have fun with. But, with the enjoyment of this season, you need a few more dresses to wear on!


Of, course, you are not supposed to repeat your dresses too often. So, are you ready to look the hot chic this summer? I have come up with fashion trends which are surely going to make you look hot and beautiful. Following are the trending clothes of summer 2017.


·        Try Stripes – Try dresses this summer which have stripes on it. Paris and London fashion shows have come up with this fashion of stripes for this summer. Geometric, bold, and bright colors are going to make you look strong and cool this summer. So, break the stereotyping and pick some great bright colors and you are going to look great effortlessly.


·        Florals are back – Fashion designers have done a lot of work on floral designs dresses for this summer. All the fashion shows had a huge collection of flower design dresses. You can try something like head to toe dress, a cold shoulder floral design dress, or just pick a floral design bikini for the beach day. No matter what, flower designs have power to make you rock!


·        Squad Goals –Choose t-shirts for you and your girl squad and show the world “girl’s power.” The summer fashion also has something for feminist women, t-shirts that have slogan on it like “suck on my toe.” So, get your summer wearing feminist t-shirt and do some “squad goals” stuff.


·        Cinched at the Waist – Corsets have got attention of many women and this is going to be the most-seen dress this summer. It is available in many textures, colors, and fabrics. Get a lace-up corset for yourself!


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