Scarves and Elegance: Fashion Lookbooks

Everything that is today used as a fashion statement was once introduced for a totally different purpose. Then again, fashion is about change and versatility. Our topic of concern here is related to scarves. You would be amazed to know that they were originally used by men in summers rather than in winters and we’re used to clean off the sweat from the face and neck while working. Of course they were quote different from what they are now, they were made of wool. Soon like in most of the other things as well, women found a better use for them. They started wearing it for fashion purposes, made of cloth rather than wool. The Chinese of the previous times used these cloth scarves for their soldiers with good ranks. As the time passed by, through the 19th century the usage of scarves totally changed and by 20th century people totally forgot the original purpose of the scarf and it became known as a fashionable accessory which was a must have for everyone.


Although scarves are something that both men and women like to wear but they are more common in women and are found in more variety in women. Today you will be to find yourself so many different sort of scarves which you could choose from. No matter what kind of clothes you are wearing, you can always fit in a scarf somewhere. They are no more for a particular season as they are worn both in summers and in winters, though they are seen more on women in winters to keep themselves warm. It is almost surprising how a single piece of cloth can totally change the way you look.


You just need to know how you will be tying your scarf and you will be good to go no matter what you are wearing below it. Tie a knot around your neck, simply give your scarf a round around your neck or make a pretty flowery knot out of it, you can do so many different type of styling from these scarves. The key is to keep different coloured scarves in your wardrobe so that you keep on changing them to keep your look fresh. All the famous brands never forget to introduce new designs of scarves in their stock because they know the importance of them and how they can groom your personality.


If you are going to a party or to a formal dinner or on a date or even office, the scarf will always blend in with whatever look you wish to have for the occasion. Go ahead and try one on right now, you will see a notable change in your entire personality because of this tiny little thing.


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