For most people, fall is that ‘anything goes’ season that being comfortable and warm is pretty much all that matters. But we don’t think so.

It is important to understand how to dress right for fall, so that you avoid bad rainy days becoming even more terrible because you were in the wrong outfit.

Dressing for fall equals dressing for comfort, no doubt. Still, you have to note that there are some things that were cool in the summer, but won’t work for fall.

Here are seven things that you, must definitely, shouldn’t be wearing this fall!

Mini leather skirts


Leather seems like the perfect opportunity for getting warmth in beauty, yes? No.

Miniskirts made with leather make your thighs rub against each other and if the weather is one degree above or below fall-norm, you can be drenched in sweat –or exposed to frostbite.

And we definitely do not want that.

Crop sweaters


What’s your argument? They are still sweaters?

Well, we will see how you feel about that when your stomach is exposed to the harsh pelts of rain this autumn.

Open-toe heels


These are perfect for your sophisticated meetings and corporate presentations. Not for everyday fall activities. You are only going to be exposing your feet to risk of frostbite or clammy feet when the weather heats up.

Solution? Just stay away from them for now.



Is this even a question of choice?

The puddles, wet grounds, and endless cold outside?

Yes, we understand that you just want to run a quick errand. But for your own comfort and happiness, pull on old sneakers instead.



We absolutely love fishnets, to all ends. However, they are the worst possible closet addition for this season. If you want the edgy vibe they give, just opt for leggings or ankle boots –not fishnets.



No, not a person.

We are making reference to those sleeveless, wide-armed cotton tees that were highlights of the summer trend. While you may think that wearing a thick jacket over them can work…it won’t.

So, no. You can’t add them to your fall closet.



Fall seems to be the season for boots and platform heels. Yes, we concur.

However, suede shoes are practically unforgiving to the fall weather. While they look absolutely stunning in photos, these babies are high maintenance if they come in contact with water. And we definitely don’t want that to happen!


It may be hard to look away from these closet items, but believe us when we say It’s for the best!


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