Short Hair, Don’t Care!

Human being is a machine that is filled with confusions and dilemmas. Our brains constantly think about the alternatives for everything that we can possibly think of. What if I did this? What if I did that? What if I did both? What if I do not do anything? The confusions are not specifically directed to any situation, it can be anything that you could think of. Especially when it comes to women, they work overtime in thinking because they certainly would not like to mess anything up and would want to choose the option knowing for sure that it will reap fruitful rewards, or in most cases, compliments.


One thing that keeps women on their toes is the trending fashion. They are on a constant hunt to find something that would suit them and is trendy at the same time. Speaking on confusions, one particular thing keeps them guessing for ages before they come to a conclusion, that us their hair. The confusion is worth it though as your hair play a major role in the making of your personality. One bad move and your life could get cut down into pieces like your hair. But just like it is famously said, when in confusion, just cut it off entirely.


The short bob cut trend kicked in hard again in the middle of 90s when everybody jumped into the short hair wagon. A lot of variations were introduced in the short hair which they all suited the women perfectly. Like every fashion trend however it faded away and some other hairstyle took its place, but like every faded fashion trend, it also has come back. Though it never totally faded away as it was a very comfy and classy haircut both, but it has started to spread a lot more as this year is going by. One could wonder that global warming has a part to play in it, nonetheless every other woman is going for it these days.


There are plenty of positive aspects to this haircut as well, first things first, it gives your neck a break and allows it to get all the wind it deserves in the scorching heat of this summer. Secondly and also very importantly, short hair are very easy to manage, your work also gets cut down to half like your hair. Thirdly, with all its other benefits, it looks classy as well. The hairstyle goes with any sort of dressing that you wish to do, formal or informal, it will not betray you. Moreover, this is a hairstyle which is free from any age groups. From kids to old age women, the hairstyle goes with anyone who wants to keep them in a different way.


So what are you waiting for ladies? Hit your stylist in the very next free time you get and get rid of the hair which are coming between you and your beauty. One should always look for changing the way they look to keep themselves fresh and new. What better way to do that than totally changing your face by chopping off those long hair?


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