Sleepwear Style : Top-3 Styles of Tank Tops

If you’ve always loved casual, messy fashion, you’re going to love the gorgeous “I woke up like this” style that is embodied by sleepwear style tank tops. Sleepwear inspired tank tops are loose, casual, and sexy tops that make you look gorgeous in a way that shows you don’t even give your look a second glance. These tank tops are ideal for women who love being confident in their style without having to do much. Sleepwear style gorgeous tank tops come in various materials but the best ones are those made of light materials that make it look like a sleepwear slip such as satin, lace, and chiffon. The light yet appealing material is great to keep you comfortable and is easy to pair with other items to create the best outfits. Here are top 3 ways that feature sleepwear style tank tops:


Tucked into Casual Jeans

Casual jeans like every day wear black skinny jeans or ripped are great to pair with your sexy sleepwear tank top. You can simply tuck the tank top into the jeans to have a more fitted and dressed look to it, throw in some light accessories like a pendant or watch, and you’re ready to strut out!


With Shorts

For a more casual, summer day look, replace the jeans with your favorite shorts such as denim shorts and your sleepwear style tank top can look great with it! The shorts the top stand out and they also add to your overall appeal by making you look taller and slimmer.


Pull On a Dress Shirt on Top

Dress shirts are a layer on your sleepwear style tank top but that’s a layer that only highlights your casual, messy yet fashionable look. Pair with your favorite and most comfortable pair of jeans and you get an outfit that you can comfortably rock anywhere – from concerts to the shopping mall, school, or wherever.


If you love crazy yet casual fashion, jump on board the sleepwear inspired trend by getting yourself a sleepwear style tank top. It’s a decision you won’t regret!


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