Small Boobs Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Small boobs can be a major style advantage so don't fret if you are lacking in the cleavage department. Today's blog has all the Small Boobs Fashion Do's and Don'ts to see you slay it with your tiny tittes! 

We know that every flat-chested woman has, at some point, felt disappointed with their share when boobs were being dished out. Even the most body confident amongst us would have pinned for a rocking set of boobs to fill out a dress or present a cleavage line at least once in their life. So know that you are no alone if you are feeling a little disheartened with your small chest.  

That is where we at Zefinka are here to help! By following our stylish fashion do's and don'ts you can rock the killer outfits that busty women just can't pull off. Some try, but it doesn't look good. 

Maybe back in the day plunging necklines were all about showing off a little boob but no anymore my small chested sisters. Necklines that plunge to the belly (and further) are now worn best by women with little to no boobs. Think Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. Bodysuits are a fabulous option when you are going for a plunging neckline as they keep all the fabric taunt — we don't want to accidentally reveal a nipple smiling-face

Backless dresses, jumpsuits, rompers and tops are another thing that the itty bitty titty committee has nailed. Without having to worry about what direction your nipples are facing means there won't be any unsightly boob slippage around the armpit. You can walk braless without doing the truffle-shuffle and your elegant back far outshines a small cleavage. 

The lacey bralette craze seems to have been made especially for the boobless women. Tanks and singlets look so stylish, and a little sexy, with a lace bra seductively poking out underneath. It is like side-boob but without actually exposing any of your body. Super classy! Super burlesque style teasing. 

Sheers materials or light fabrics compliment the small chest frames of women so don't be afraid to step out in a slinky little number and on the other side of the spectrum — the boyish the figure the easier it is to wear the tomboy look or menswear trend with conviction.

Oh. My. God! so many benefits to having small boobs — we could go on, but unfortunately we wouldn't have any room to add some of our favorite outfits for flat-chested women below. We hope they give you some outfit inspiration. 

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