Stand Out at Social Events with Our Autumn Collection

The 2018 Autumn fashion trends are a wonderful mixture of autumnal reds, mellow yellows, and warm browns. We are seeing New York city influences on the runways and on the high street. The New York socialites have the transition from summer to autumn all stylishly wrapped up so why not copy their savvy street fashion!

Chic, elite and socially superior, the women who top in the city's social circles have been under the scrutiny of the fashion bloggers and high street brands — and they are more than happy with what they are seeing. Their soon-to-be autumn outfits are gaining popularity and the various IT girl's millions of followers have started taking note. 

We, at Zefinka, have been keeping a keen eye on the New York social scene. It pays to watch the Blair Waldorf's and Serena van der Woodsen's of the world. We can now bring you the fashion tips and top styles that are going to be Autumns hottest trends. It does not matter if you are more Jenny Humphrey edgy or Vanessa Abrams Bohemian, we have a top tip for you. 

So what should you be getting your hands on right now in time for Autumn? Animal print! Zebra and Leopard print are back in a big way for Autumn 2018, as seen in Victoria Beckham's fashion show. Of course, our high street brands have picked up on the trend and produced every kind of glorious animal print imaginable. Think gorgeous faux fur coats, a play on the typical animal print colors, houndstooth checks and eye-catching designs.

In true post MeToo and Times Up era, revealing necklines and mini dresses are making way for modest cuts and cover-ups. We are seeing a new love for the very fashionable style of dresses worn with tees or shirts. Hemlines are becoming lower and necklines higher — which we welcome this with open arms as the days and nights will also start to get chillier. 

A classic and favorite of the fashion world, TWEED is back. We love this romantic and dynamic material. The tartans, weaves and more elaborate threads never fail please as Tweed makes its way back onto our catwalks and high streets. Add an air of countryside chic to your wardrobe next season by succumbing to the tweed trend. A fabulous combination we are predicting will be the hottest autumn outfit is Tweed jackets and leather pencil skirts. WATCH THIS SPACE! 

Check out our fabulous autumn outfit collection below and try them yourself. AND if you purchase anything online — post a selfie wearing your purchase to any our social media account with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and we'll give you could win your cash back to spend it again!

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