Stand Out at Social Events with Our Spring Collection

We tend to see a lot of stylish trends hit the catwalks in the run-up to Spring, but let's be honest — not all of them are really practical or easy to wear. Some are downright impossible to wear! Fear not though as the Fashion Editors at Zefinka have sorted through the madness and found the inspirational so that we can bring you our knock out outfits to stand out at the social events this season. 

Our Spring Collection is peppered with florals, pastels and pretty feminine dresses — all the classic Springtime ensembles but teamed with the latest designs, trends and popular patterns that are hitting our favorite fashionista wardrobes — and so they must be essentials for us too. 

So what should you be getting your hands on right now in time for Spring? Chequered patterns and checks are seeing their time in the limelight at the moment and you do not need to stick only to classic black and white. Of course, our high street brands have picked up on the trend and produced every kind of check imaginable. Think colorful tartans, bold blocks, houndstooth checks and patchwork designs.

Spring Florals, as always, feature heavily this season. I think it is safe to say that we will never again enter the Spring/Summer seasons with a strong presence of floral patterns. And who would want to! They bring with them the much need cheerful promise of sunnier days and longer nights. From cute Floryday dresses to Cath Kitson pumps, every gal needs flowers in their wardrobes. 

Finally spring forward this season with bold, vivid colors. It is time to shake off the grays, blacks, and maroons from the Winter months and embrace all things bright and beautiful. We at Zefinka love how influential strong, eye-catching colors have on their wearers. They bring energy and happiness and plenty of fun. 

Check out our fabulous outfit collection below and try them yourself. We would love to hear from you and if they made you feel full of the joys of Spring.

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