Statement Rings : Beautiful Sets for Any Occasion

Since our childhood, we have been playing around with rings with Barbie pictures on it. It won’t be wrong if you call rings our love since childhood. Rings are small in size but we they take a big space in our hearts. Not only do they differ in colors and styles, their materials vary from plastic to metal, from silver to gold and even diamonds. Rings made of stones and mid-rings you can just go on and on…


Here are some beautiful rings you can pull off at any occasion and with almost every kind of outfit.


Labradorite stone rings:  These statement rings have been trending since forever. They are mostly adjustable. You can wear it on every finger. Labradorite is a very strong stone and it is also known as the stone of transformation. It’s beautiful bottle green and sea green colors make it look more charming.


Midi rings: The best thing about midi rings is that they can be worn in any number. You can wear as many as you want and don’t look cheap. Midi rings come in a variety of designs. They look best in silver, rose, and yellow-tones. These colors make them look unique and when these midi rings are worn with a dress, they speak for themselves.


Infinity-knot rings: These rings are very common nowadays. They are delicate and also represent the true meaning of a long lasting friendship, love, and a relationship. It looks best in a silver-tone and can be worn as a midi ring or a normal ring.


Statement rings with rose gold flowers: A single flower filled with gold, or a ring or tiny flowers that wrap around your finger makes your hand look fascinating. If you don’t have this type of ring in your jewelry box, it is time to get one for yourself. These rings never go out of fashion and can be worn for any formal or semi-formal event.


Galaxy rings: Black in color with an appearance as a galaxy! What a perfect combination. These charcoal rings represent the black space. A throw of glitter represents stars and they look completely out of this world!


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