Style on a Shoestring

Today's blog gives you genius style advice on creating an amazing wardrobe on a budget. We have listed below the most important fashion industry tips you need to maximise your outfit options, without maxing out your credit card. It will inspire you to design a wardrobe that suits your style, needs and lets you get your creative flare on. 

Budget Savvy Tip #1.
This is the most simple advice we can give you, but also the most effective. Don't go shopping when you are feeling overly emotional. “Retail therapy” is for women that have money to burn. It often leads to the purchasing of clothes that you really did not want. They were impulse buys when you were feeling low and vulnerable. You never like them after and they just use up closest space. Eat chocolate, watch Magic Mike and have your girlfriends over for an impromtu catwalk show but steer clear of the shops! 

Budget Savvy Tip #2.
Create a signature style. A signature style means you can concentrate on a few specific items and mix and match them up. Or, if you wear a signature accessory (like Janelle Monae and her hats) you can wear pretty much any ensemble and the accessory will pull it together. Bright tassel earrings or that postbox red lippy are both stand out accessories. A signature style is an extension of your personality and once you have it nailed, you can focus your fashion, and your spends, on it.

Budget Savvy Tip #3.
Denim never goes out of fashion, and can be paired with anything. If you are going to invest in some new items this Spring and Summer but you are not 100% sure on what, one of them should be a denim item. A cute button up denim mini skirt or a denim boyfriend jacket. Denims clothes will allow you to really stretch your outfit options as they are so versatile. You can wear the mini skirt with bare legs. colored tights, rhinestone stockings, fishnets, boots, pumps, sandals… and don't get me started on tops! 

Budget Savvy Tip #4
As we are coming into the Summer months the next wardrobe “must-have” we suggest investing in is a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are awesome because they can be suited to almost any social occasion. Morning coffee, brunch with friends, a day at the beach, an evening meal or a sweet date. They come in various designs, patterns and shapes, AND they are super afford if you know where to shop (Ah hem @zefinka) so buying 2 or 3 is possible without seeing your bank balance hit the red zone.

Budget Savvy Tip #5
Bag a bargain. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out the bargains, discounts, coupons and money saving extra's like free delivery or BOGOF's. Why not make the most of what is on offer for you. Taking the time to look for such bargains means your buck stretches further. But, don't be tempted to buy something you do not 100% want. If you are thinking “It'll do, it's 50% off”, it won't do -  keep shopping! 

Budget Savvy Tip #6
Accessories can style up any basic outfit. Accessories are typically cheaper than clothes. They can enhance any plain outfit easily and can be interchangeable with whatever you have in your wardrobe. You can go from stand out costume jewelry to the oh so popular “Wrap it with a Belt” to beautiful boho bangles or silk necks carfs, possibly worn in the hair. Simple touches, but what an impact it can have on your overall look. 

Budget Savvy Tip #7
Polish off the whole look by ensuring you spend a little time on your hair, makeup and nails. You do not have to spend heaps of money at the salon or beauty shop. Just try to avoid walking out the door looking like you just rolled out of bed, with toothpaste on your face and dirt under your nails. Look fresh faced and you'll always look great. 

Below are some outfits that we think you will love and they won't pull on your purse strings too much. We also offer FREE worldwide shipping and a 30day return policy. We hope they give you some style inspiration. AND if you purchase anything from our store, Post A Selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits to win your cash back, or spend it again on another new item. Even more money saving opportunities!
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