Style Tips On How To Wear Long Cardigans This Winter

One of the most convenient trends for the light winter months is the Cardigan. Cardigans are adaptable and comfy, and can conveniently be paired with almost any piece of clothing you own. The variety of cuts, colors and designs mean they can be worn for any occasion — making them a wardrobe essential.  


Whether your attire is formal or casual, cardigans fit in extremely well and add to your ensemble the touch of flair and charm it needs. They are also extremely practical as we transition from the summer days to winter nights. Cardigans range in their thickness and can be worn to add an ultra-thin layer of decor or bring some much-needed warmth. 


However, you need to be careful when you pick out what to wear with a cardigan, With all the various shapes, sizes and styles it is important to match everyday clothes so that you are not all out of shape, size and style! A proper technique is needed to combine outfits and we are here to guide you. 


Got a romantic date? Throw a cardigan on with your dress.
Going to office? Pull on a cardigan with your pleated skirt and blouse.
Going to be outside? Wrap up warm in a think shawl cardigan.
Want to show a new style? Add a belt to your cardigan to look stylish and hold in that heat.
After the preppy look? Pair a cardigan with a shirt 


These are just some of our style suggestions, we have lots more. Take a look below to see how they come together perfectly! 


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